Why We Built Eccountability

Are you wondering what successful business owners do differently? It’s not just IQ, raw talent or even hard work, nor is it simply the drive to succeed.

The key differences are who they connect with, what guidance they sought out and received, and how they actioned that knowledge.

When I looked around for other business owners like me—who constantly worked ON and not just IN their business—I couldn’t find many. So, I joined a Mastermind session and finally found a way to stay accountable, share my ideas, receive solid advice, and make some valuable connections.

After the session was over, I searched for other ways to connect with business owners who were on a similar level as me, only to find expensive courses or $300-a-session mastermind groups.

I was driven to create Eccountability—the platform that I so desperately needed—with the goal of connecting business owners across the globe, providing accountability and support for a fraction of the cost of what was available on the market.

Ronan Leonard

Our Philosophy

Entrepreneurship is a leading force of innovation. It is also a skill and passion that needs to be nurtured. Helping others is innate to us all and we support entrepreneurial individuals so they may achieve greater results than they could individually.

Our Vision

To challenge, inspire and support entrepreneurs so that we create a global community of accountability.

Giving Back

Our mission is to give FREE access to 1 in 6 people on our platform from developing countries, social enterprises or not for profit initiatives so that we support entrepreneurs globally to help them achieve their true potential.

Our Values


Committed to creating a world-class framework of support, advice and guidance in solving people’s problems.


Attracting altruistic and motivated people. Cultivating the environment and resources to allow people to be supported and support others in turn.


A self-perpetuating environment of people willing to enrich the lives of everyone they touch. Create a movement of innovative thinkers and inspirational leaders who leave a lasting legacy.


Being recognized as an entrepreneurial movement for change. Acting as global citizens.

You can get everything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want.
Zig Zigler