Benefits of a Mastermind Group – A case study

Have you ever wondered if a Mastermind Group is for you? But you wanted to see the results that others would get? The below is a testimonial/case study from one of our members. He’s asked that his name be kept from this article but is happy for me to provide contact details if you would like to get in touch and have him answer any questions.

“I am a 35-year-old professional from Melbourne. I’ve read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich a few times and have toyed with the idea of joining/starting an online mastermind group for a long time. When I met Ronan (the Founder) and he told me about the Eccountability platform I knew there was no longer an excuse not to join. In a few short months here’s what I have experienced.

Thinking about my goals more and actually executing on them

As part of our weekly conference call, we talk about our long-term goals as well as smaller action goals. By setting these action goals we’re executing on our bigger goals and if we don’t do the work other members call us out on it – keeping us accountable and making sure we achieve our goals.

Feedback on ideas

mastermind group provides instant feedback to your idea If I have a new idea, my Mastermind members are a group of supportive partners who will provide feedback when required with no judgment. I can get instant feedback and ideas on what I am thinking. If I have a new idea, I can put it out there with my peers and we can workshop this idea – I can then improve it or bin it depending on the feedback. It’s better to go back to the drawing board after advice from my team then persist too long with a bad idea.

Benchmarking against other business owners

Being part of a Mastermind allows me to benchmark myself and my activities against other business professionals. I know what I am doing right, what I am doing wrong and what I could be doing better. Without the group, I wouldn’t really know what is current or what is working right now.

Focus and Clarity

My Mastermind also ensures I don’t get struck down with “shiny object syndrome.” They understand my core goals and what I am trying to achieve so they won’t let me get distracted by to do list items and tasks/activities that I shouldn’t be doing. They make sure that I stay focused and accountable by ensuring I am constantly striving towards the goals I have set for myself. They help me identify and remove roadblocks when required.

in a mastermind group, everybody wants you to succeed

There are many more benefits I could list and I am happy to share them with anyone if they want to reach out to me through Eccountability.

There you have it. Real life unedited experience from someone getting results from using the Eccountability Mastermind Platform. If you want to find out more about how we can benefit you and your business please get in touch today.

About the Author:

Ronan Leonard is a Mastermind facilitator and Mastermind teacher. Connecting entrepreneurs and small business owners together to create the perfect Mastermind groups or teaching self-employed professionals how to run their own groups. Small business owners are often overwhelmed with to-do lists and need impartial advice to get the right support to help them achieve their goals.