• Discovering Your Why

    The SIMON SINEK Why Formula Using the Formula to Find Your WHY If you have never seen Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why,” view the video before you read any further. Once you understand it, the next step is to apply it to you and your business. Every Great Business Starts [...]

  • The Busyness Curse

    The Most Comfortable Lie There’s a good chance you lied to the last person who asked you for a favor. Someone asked for help, and you politely responded that you’d love to, but you’re just too busy. We tell this lie to others all the time. And why shouldn’t we? [...]

  • What a virtual Mastermind group could look like

    Virtual Mastermind Group

    Why Virtual Mastermind Groups are popular Early Adopters Do you like being an early adopter? Finding cool new trend in business that can help you become a better business owner and give you an edge. Did you know that Mastermind groups help you tackle your biggest problems? Imagine a Tribe [...]

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