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Frequently Asked Questions


Want Quick Support?

If you have a question or idea that is not listed here in the FAQ’s then just Contact Us

What If I can’t find the right group for me?

We will transfer you to another group if your current one isn’t quite working out.

Why can’t I trial it for a month?

We do allow a two meeting trial to see if the tribe is a good fit for you.

What if the time zones don’t work for me?

Everyone has a different time of day and week that works for them. Most likely there is a perfect group for you if you are able to be a little flexible with the day and time.

Will I meet my fellow group members before hand?

Not likely. By joining the group this is where you begin to interact and develop the bond and trust that comes from the exchange of ideas and advice.

What types of things are usually discussed?

Usually business ideas and strategies but as you and your business are interdependent many successful entrepreneurs are interested in topics as diverse as philosophy, meditation, exercise, self-improvement, continual learning in all its forms.

How do I know what type of group I should be in?

We match our groups based on the Business Model, Growth Stage, Skill-Set and Goals of the individual applicants plus personality type for a well balanced group.

What about the personal information we share?

We get all participants to sign an NDA – No Disclosure Agreement (including you!) If you have any extremely sensitive information we suggest that these group discussions are not the place to share them.

What rules are in place for standard behaviour?

We have a code of conduct based on mutual respect for each other. All sessions are recorded. If you have any problems or feel that someone has violated these T&C’s please report it to us confidentially.

What if I can’t attend ALL THE DATES but I still want to join!

You are expected to attend the majority of the dates your group meet. Holidays and other commitments are fine but the groups work best when the routine has been set and attendance is high.

What type of formats are the groups run with?

Each group may run a little differently but they share a common framework of accountability and goal setting.