The 7 Key Mastermind Skills
The 7 Key Mastermind Skills. What to Bring to Your Group? The 7 Key Skills for MastermindsWe naturally gravitate towards successful people. It’s innate to us.  We love successful people even the low-grade celebrities we outwardly hate yet still fixate over. What most of them have – either real or just a public persona is ENERGY. Whenever you see them – they are ON! And this is the number 1 skill they use to attract us to their brand (which is essentially them). So when you join a Mastermind you need to focus on the 7 key Mastermind skills to be able to attract the right kind of participants. People gravitate to the most friendly, happy, outgoing people in the room.  For most of us, this does not come naturally but it’s a skill like any other and we can work at and make some improvements. In reality is more than just 1 skill. You need a toolbox full of attributes that you bring to any group that you join. PEOPLE IN MASTERMINDS WANT TO SEE:-
  1. Your passion – They want to see you get excited about something. They want to feel the excitement in your voice, the energy with which you talk about your ideas and goals. To see that you love what you do and that you have an appetite for life itself.
  2. Your excitement – It’s not quite the same as a passion but they do go hand in hand. Smiling, laughing, enthusiastic. Do I need to go on? Quantum physics states that we are nothing but balls of energy and you are either giving out energy or taking it in. Which one are you?
  3. Your frustration – (Within moderation) It’s okay to share your frustrations. It means that you really care and are willing to succeed and that you are emotionally invested in what you do. This gives people an added layer of opt-in for helping you succeed.
  4. Opinionated – Your Tribe want to see that you can voice your opinion and get involved, either on one side or another. A true mastermind group allows people to go deeper with conflicting advice, alternative suggestions and diametrically opposite opinions from those already expressed. However, you do have to be aware that a certain level of trust needs to have been established before this can happen.
  5. Expertise – You can demonstrate your expertise – show people what you are good at within your field or niche. Don’t worry if you don’t class yourself as an expert. It’s not always a good thing.
  6. Commitment – Regular commitment is the key to any Mastermind group. Your Tribe want to know that you will be there for them and follow through with your promises (Commitment). Without regular participation, you won’t receive the maximum benefit from the sessions. It’s one of the key skills you need to possess and it’s a habit worth cultivating.
  7. Helping Others – Business is all about helping solve someone else’s problem at a price they are willing to pay. So essentially this is what most of us are doing all day. However, in a mastermind group, you won’t be charging for your ideas or problem-solving skills, you will be giving them for free. Why? Because you’re creating a bond and a community that is worth more than just trading your time for money.
  GENERAL TIPS Raise your levels to match the group. Or if you are naturally outgoing and bubbly anyway the group should begin to rise to your levels. If you do not make a conscious effort to increase your energy levels a little. I can’t tell you the number of times that people enjoy watching others smiling, laughing or sharing their information in an upbeat and energetic way. If you feel there is a lack of energy in your group try and think of something that will help improve this. When I was backpacking around the world I was on a bus tour of the South Island in New Zealand. The last person on the bus had to tell a joke or sing a song. It quickly created a bond, broke down barriers and had a consequence for anyone delaying the bus, everyone got on board with both the bus and the concept. If you are already in a Mastermind group consider adding this small tip as a forfeit for the last person to join the group on your next session. CONCLUSION How many of the 7 Key Skills to Bring to Your Mastermind Group do you possess? Try to be THE person that people want to connect with.  Try and work on just one of these key element at a time.