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How to Complete Your Mastermind Review (A.K.A Your Snapshot)


At the start of each meeting you want to give a snapshot of your progress since you last met with your Tribe. By reviewing the key information and completing your Mastermind review in advance this helps your Tribe to understand what you want to achieve and you to understand your progress and current challenges. We call it your “Snapshot

Someone taking a snapshot

How to complete your snapshot

There are 5 key steps and by quickly writing these down in advance your will better articulate what progress you have made but also be able to work out what you may need help with during the meeting.

Here are the 5 key aspects to cover off:

WINS: We like to know that we are moving forward towards our intended goals. Describing your wins helps you with this and also to appreciate the progress made. It’s never linear so don’t worry if your wins seem really small on any given week.

Example: “This week I got a new client as a result of the outreach I did a few weeks ago”

OUTCOMES: What are the outcomes of the actions you have taken? These can be either personal or business. Maybe a new routine or you actioned some information given to you from the Tribe. Your outcome can be big or small – but there is ALWAYS some kind of outcome when we take action.

Example: “They signed up & my revenue has increased by 5% as a result of this 1 client”

CHALLENGES: What challenges or frustrations do you currently have? Is this a new thing that has occurred since the last meeting or even something that has been festering for some time. Write it down so you can share it and see if there is someone that can help you.

Example:  “I have been trying to figure out Facebook retargeting and am having trouble getting it to work on my website”


PREVIOUS GOAL: Review the last goal(s) you set. Did you achieve them?


YES – awesome. Time to close this one & add a new goal.

NO – Ask yourself WHY NOT?

  • Was it not deemed important enough?
  • Was it too ambitious? (Ambition is good but was it a S.M.A.R.T goal)
  • Was enough time allocated to complete it? YES/NO
  • Something come up unexpectedly that affected my schedule? (Does this happen frequently? – YES/NO – If yes then add this to the top of your priorities)
  • OTHER (Articulate it)

Remember you should set goals that are important, so it’s vital that you work on these before the easier less beneficial tasks – otherwise you won’t achieve your bigger goals.

NEW GOAL: Your goals are what keep you motivated and the more specific and clear they are the better.

Bad Example: I want 2 new clients this week. This is nebulous and not always within your control.  However knowing your conversion rate and having a specific outreach plan to contact X number of customers – is within your control.

Better Example:  “My conversion rate is approx. 5% on my website traffic and approx. 20% of leads convert. I plan to email run Facebook advertising to around 1000 people and expect around 20% click through rate. This will give me an expected conversion rate of 2 new clients.


If we don’t learn from our mistakes we are doomed to repeat them. This is no failure, only learning”.

So what did you learn recently?

Examples might be:

  • Something about yourself
  • A new software
  • Increased Productivity
  • A new marketing strategy

Example: Re-read The 4 hour work week. As a direct result of reading this book, I began using Tm Ferris ideas to help me to better manage my time AND create more accountability for my contractors.

When you complete your mastermind review in advance you will notice the quality of the meetings will improve, you will be more likely to get time for more questions PLUS the reflection on your wins and lessons will help you improve in many areas of your business.