Etiquette for virtual Mastermind groups
Basic etiquette for Virtual Mastermind Groups etiquette for virtual Mastermind groups                 When you are in a virtual mastermind session it’s important to be aware that there are a few subtle but key differences to in-person meetings, so it’s a good idea to be aware of these nuances as it will help keep the meeting flowing and benefit everyone. PREPARATION Your initial preparation is really important. Because eye contact in a virtual meeting is much more important, you want to avoid having to writing things down whilst others are speaking. At the start, spend a few minutes to getting into the zone, try and lose the thoughts and emotions that may be a remnant of whatever you have just finished doing to enable you to focus and fully concentrate on the meeting.
  • Where possible sign in early or, at the very least, on time
  • Have your goals, check in or hot seat agenda already written down
  • Turn off all other devices or distractions
  • Dress appropriately (as much as that may seem obvious)
  • Respect the guidance of the host and speak clearly
WHY FLOW IS SO IMPORTANT Online meetings don’t flow quite as well as in-person – for several reasons. The main one is the lag or rendering in the audio or video signal. Often there is a little stop/start when we speak and this can make the meeting flow choppy. Therefore, it’s important to interrupt as little as possible and also try and hold your questions until the other person has completely finished speaking. Body language and even emotions via facial recognition are also harder to read via a screen – so just be aware of this and make some allowances. Here are a few other quick tips to keep the flow going.
  • Keep body movements to a minimum (Some of us are very expressive with our hands which can come across completely different on a screen)
  • Maintain eye contact by looking into the camera – Otherwise, people might think you have stopped listening or paying attention.
  • Actively listen to other participants’ opinions – Make some side notes if you have a question about anything
  • Make the session engaging and fun – let’s try not to take ourselves too seriously
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking to avoid background noises coming through
  • Try not to interrupt other speakers (as previously mentioned)
All these tips will help to keep your virtual mastermind humming along so that everyone gets maximum value out of each session. There should always be a designated host & time keeper so respect them and please refrain from ”hogging” or monopolizing the meeting. ADDITIONAL HELP OR SUPPORT Eccountability is fostering an open and welcoming community, so please respect all other contributors thoughts, ideas and opinions – even if you disagree somewhat. There is a code of conduct inside the Eccountability meeting rooms that is available for each session should you need to refer to it at any time. If there is a problem within your group that you feel you cannot address during the meeting then just contact us by email so we can address your concerns.