Joining an Existing Mastermind Group

Joining an Existing Mastermind Group

How to Make Joining a Mastermind Group Fun

Let’s make this as fun and as easy as possible for all involved. A little bit like dating, you want to put your best foot forward and showcase yourself in the best possible light (we all do its natural) By taking a few minutes to write out a clear outline of your key highlights you can achieve this AND avoid any awkward pauses and stress.

Your Introduction

Give people an overview of who you are, what you are great at, what you would like to improve and your reason for joining a mastermind. Initially, this should is mostly business and factual but do mix in some personal information. Your introduction doesn’t have to be as dramatic as Inigo Montoya. Ideally, start with:
  • Your Name
  • Location (Where you currently live)
  • Family, Children or Pets
  • Your previous experience (Other jobs/businesses you have been involved in)
  • Your existing business (How long, your vision for it, etc.)
  • What are you working on right now?
  • What do you hope to achieve in the next six months (stretch goal)?
  • Why you joined a mastermind group?
  • What key skills do you bring to the group?
  • What key areas do you need help with?
  • Lighten things up
Give them one unusual fact about you that is interesting. This could be a great conversation starter either in your 1st meeting or at a later date if you arrange a one on one accountability session. Maybe you learned how to moonwalk like Michael Jackson, have met Oprah Winfrey or your passion is skydiving. To provide enough information that people get a good sense of who you are and what you are about, your intro should be between 1-3 minutes long. Quick Example: Hi, my name is Ronan Leonard, and I am the founder of Eccountability. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia but am originally from the UK. I’m married, and we have a family dog called Leonard Leonard (Lenny for short) I’ve worked in several jobs before finding my real niche, most were too dull to even mention, but for nine years I worked on cruise ships getting paid to travel the world.  For the past 12 years, I have run a successful “casino party hire” company Blackjack Nights which I grew from 2 tables to a national company with over 50 tables and running 300+ events a year. My main focus now is Eccountability as I love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners connect and get access to help and support via Mastermind groups. Our mission is to give away 1 in 6 spots to either a social enterprise or entrepreneurs from a developing country so that we create a real community of support and accountability (what I’m working on right now). I’m working on ensuring that we meet the one-in-six quota in our mission statement and asking if anyone knows someone that may benefit from a place to pass on our details. Eccountability was born out of the frustration of paying excessive fees to be in a mastermind group or not being able to easily find & join a group of like-minded, committed people. We aim to get 5,000 users on the platform. (stretch goal) I have a broad range of skills but there is no single area at which I am an absolute specialist (If you ignore Mastermind groups). I excel in commitment and habits, as well as passing on knowledge to others (key skills). Planning is one of my weakest attributes, having a detailed plan to follow through would be ideal and give me more structure over the next few months With what key areas do I need help?. I like playing poker, drinking red wine and hiking (but I try not to mix any of these activities). Interesting and fun fact about me: I was working on a cruise ship that sank in a storm off the coast of South Africa (personal info and an unusual fact). If you have any questions about any of the information I just shared I would be happy to expand further. Thank you for listening, and I look forward to finding more about all of you over the next little while. This is just a guideline for joining an existing Mastermind group, feel free to mix it up a little, change any aspect of this around but please remember to be succinct and keep the meeting rolling.

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