Lessons learned from your Mastermind
Key Lessons to Learn from your Mastermind groups Lessons Learned from your Mastermind groups                 It’s time to reflect on what have you learned so far? Do you feel any different than when you started with your 1st mastermind session? Where do you see where your key strengths lie?
  • I feel I am good at offering advice
  • I have already met some really interesting people
  • I am learning how to set and complete goals
  • I learned something about myself
  • I am figuring out what I should do next and what my priority lie
  • I see similarities to my peers – we seem to have the similar issues, pain points, and frustrations
What gaps to you see in your business or routines that you could plug? What are other people in your Tribe doing well that you could replicate? Have you created your consistency in attending meetings, advance preparation for each meeting and following up any commitments you made? “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” Are you inspired, realising that there is a group that supports you and cares about you? Ask yourself:- Have you motivated, collaborated, pushed or encouraged someone else yet? If not then it’s time to do one of these. PICK ONE and execute.  Here is an example of each one:- Mentored/Motivated – Let me share wmy strategy for XXXX, it’s got me great results in the past. Collaborated – Let’s review our sales pages text together and brainstorm a few suggestions to improve them. Pushed – I noticed that you didn’t achieve your goals last week. What’s holding you back? Can I or the group help you with anything? Encouraged – You were so good in the hot seat last week. It takes courage to open up and share your frustrations and problems. Congratulations. RAISE THE ENERGY LEVEL or add something new/quirky EG – When I was backpacking around the world I was on a bus tour of the South Island in New Zealand. The last person on the bus had to tell a joke or sing a song. Add this as a forfeit for the last person to join the group for that session. Which one of the key lessons resonated most with you. Which areas need a little more attention in your next Mastermind group?