One On One Accountability Meeting
How One on One Meetings Create More Value One on One Mastermind MeetingDuring Mastermind sessions, there is seldom time to dive deeper into conversations or in-depth learning about each other (especially in the early stages) because your agenda most likely allocates equal time to everyone, which is the main purpose of the Mastermind concept. However, this does not mean that you have to settle for this initial superficial knowledge and at any time you can delve deeper into a closer relationship. Ask yourself, who in the group do you most feel an affinity or connection with? Who within the tribe is potentially a good balance to your skills and attributes?  A Yin to your Yang.  Maybe they’ve said something that piqued your interest or you just like the quality of their questions. Once you have identified 1 (or even more) people that you would like to know more about, then offer to arrange a meeting outside of the Mastermind tribe. If you do, remember that there are a few key pointers to cover off before you do this. What is your purpose? What is your purpose for the meeting? If it’s to sell your services then think again. Your Tribe are your friends so unless they come to you asking for paid advice DO NOT pitch your services – it’s not done. Period. Collaboration Is there something you could possibly collaborate on, maybe even a joint venture (further down the track) a mutual goal to work on or any synergies. Get creative and try and think of other ways that you could cross promote each other’s skills or services? Do you think you have something specific you can help that person with or just want to know a little bit more about them and their business? Maybe you want to find out more about any successful habits they have, their interests and get a deeper understanding of their background, business, and even family. We are multi-layered individuals and sometimes we just need to peel back the layers a little more. Set an agenda:– Everyone’s time is valuable. Before the meeting make sure you set an agenda. This ensures that both parties understand the reason for the meeting and this will make it as productive as possible
  • 3-4 specific things you want to discuss (EG 15-20 Minutes total per person)
  • How you will meet (Skype, Hangout etc)
  • When will you meet? Day/Time etc
  • Preparation for the meeting (if any)
  • Follow-up (if required) to evaluate any goals or actions taken
  Accountability Partner If you find that you get along well you should consider the possibility of becoming accountability partners at some stage. This can be as simple as a quick check in by a message, phone or email once a week to make sure that you both are on track with any specific goals or project and that you are able to discuss any issues that come up in a more private and intimate environment. By instigating One On One Meetings you open up several possibilities and at the same time get a deeper understanding of your Tribe and what makes them tick. This, in turn, makes you a better mastermind participant.