Virtual Mastermind Group

Why Virtual Mastermind Groups are popular

What a virtual Mastermind group could look like

Early Adopters

Do you like being an early adopter? Finding cool new trend in business that can help you become a better business owner and give you an edge. Did you know that Mastermind groups help you tackle your biggest problems? Imagine a Tribe of fellow business owners helping you with problems. What would that feel like? Awesome right! Whatever you mastermind agenda is, having the mental breathing space to know you can turn to multiple people for advice and support every week is a great deal that you can not miss.

Are Virtual Mastermind Groups Expensive?

Previously Mastermind groups were just for the elite. Only for the rich and famous, often costing $5,000 to $10,000 for a weekend Mastermind retreat. Or they were only run for subject matter experts. You read that Elon Musk was in a secret Mastermind group with the Google founders and you feel like you’re missing out on the action. What if you could join a group for less than the price of your gym membership?

Business is hard

If it was so easy why do 80% of businesses fail? Anyone that tells you otherwise (and there are a bunch of them out there) are lying. There is a whole industry telling you things like 7 easy steps, 3 simple things, 10 easy ways to 10 X your business. They’re misleading you. If all you had to do was Google your answers we’d all be multimillionaires by now. The famous screen writer William Goldman says about the movie industry “Nobody knows anything…… Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what’s going to work. Every time out it’s a guess and, if you’re lucky, an educated one.” If you can’t quickly solve the roadblocks in your marketing, planning, accounts or business strategies they will stop you from achieving your goals. When you don’t have a support network that knows and understands you – it feels harder.

That Isolated Feeling

remote and isolated The media assumes entrepreneurs must go it alone. Figure everything out. Solve all our own problems. Don’t show any fear, frustration or negative emotion. This myth makes it hard for anyone to reach out and admit they don’t know it all and need a little help. From basic emotional support, accounting, marketing, planning or even PR and productivity advice. In the wild the weakest prey gets left behind, isolated, then picked off. You’re unlikely to make it on your own.

Bad advice

The 3 key problems with bad advice. It’s extremely common, hard to quantify until it’s too late and very expensive. If you don’t know the right questions to ask then you may hire an expert that does not have your best interest at heart – only their bottom line. If you implement a strategy only to find out it wasn’t right for your business it can be hard to rectify this mistake. If you don’t know the right questions to ask then you wont solve your particular problems. The more connected you are the more likely you will find the right person. Someone that has either the experience or the connections to get you the impartial advice you really need. Finding a group of advisors and a support network are critical to your success.

Beware of experts

I’m not an expert. I can connect you to a group of awesome people, but I don’t know everything. You should be wary of any one expert. Even being an expert can be bad for business. Remember when Kodak used to be camera film experts. Look around and you will find whole industries that were considered experts in their field yet will soon be replaced. Here’s proof that many pundits and experts have no better judgement. Often the more certain they are the worse their predictions.

Why virtual?

5 key benefits of the virtual Mastermind model


Technology (especially webRTC) has removed the barriers of both expense and location. This enables people to join anyone at any time of the day or night with just a computer connection.


A big increase in flexibility. Just as Netflix allows you to pick your favourite TV show to stream, you can find a virtual Mastermind group that suits your lifestyle.


group diversity                 No longer do you have to join a group from the same location (city or suburb) or even from your country. This creates true diversity of ideas, cultures and trends that quickly spread globally.

Ease of joining & cost

Mastermind groups used to be prohibitively expensive. Not any longer. You can now find and join a group in minutes and for as little as $50 per month. Cheaper than the gym membership you never use.

No travel downtime

Come along in your Pyjamas! You also get to avoid the traffic, parking fees, travel time and all the downside associated with attending in-person meet ups. We know we live in a more connected world but this is one of the real benefits – tapping into a global Tribe of savvy business. So if you’re tired of going it alone and feel you are ready to join the virtual Mastermind revolution – Find your tribe here.

About the Author:

Ronan Leonard is a Mastermind facilitator and Mastermind teacher. Connecting entrepreneurs and small business owners together to create the perfect Mastermind groups or teaching self-employed professionals how to run their own groups. Small business owners are often overwhelmed with to-do lists and need impartial advice to get the right support to help them achieve their goals.