starts with YOU

What YOU put into this,
the connections and
commitments YOU make
will help you:

  • Set and reach your goals
  • Improve your business acumen
  • Receive unbiased support and advice
  • Assist others with your expertise
  • Answer the questions that keep you awake at night
  • Create more accountability

Is an Eccountability Mastermind
group for me?

Select the statements you think apply to you to get your positive score
Are a motivated entrepreneur with a track record of keeping commitments
Have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to constantly improve
Are a business owner looking to spend more time working on your business than in your business
Want to surround yourself with other smart, motivated individuals
Are ready to embrace the challenge of considering views different to your own
Regularly set goals and actively work towards achieving them
Create a vision of what you want in life and business
Have a sharing, caring attitude and are ready to dedicate time and knowledge for the benefit of others

  • You might want to reconsider if, right now, you...
    Are unable to commit, or foresee difficulty following through on agreed actions. Mastermind meetings are held regularly and your Tribe needs consistency.
    Don’t have a clear vision for your business and are unwilling to review how you can improve
    Have a lack of empathy or find it difficult to put yourself in others’ shoes in order to provide advice and support
    Are unwilling to invest in your education, either time, money, or both
    Are pretty happy with your current results and don’t see a need for financial and/or personal growth
    Don’t know how to deal with failure, and find it hard to learn by doing things differently
    Are comfortable doing repetitive tasks and are unable to delegate more of the less important work
    Have a lack of self-awareness. This is tricky, but as a general guide, if you can’t currently pinpoint any areas that could be improved, this is probably you.